How to Suntan Safely ;)

May 25th, 2012

Getting a nice sun tan is something many people seek when the summer comes.
However, it is important to sunbathe safely to avoid sunburn or other skin conditions including skin cancer. Sun cream is a good way to protect your skin while exposed to the sun.

There are many different types of sun cream. To provide a satisfying protection, you should buy sun cream with at least a 15 Sun Protection Factor (SPF) and with an adequate level of UV ray protection.
No sun cream provides 100% protection from sunburn, however it is essential for people with a lighter skin tone to wear higher SPF creams for better protection.
Sun cream must be applied on dry, clean skin and must be applied generously and frequently to maintain protection throughout the day. Sun cream can wash off easily, and should be applied immediately after bathing.

Other than cream,
there are other ways to avoid sunburn
and improve your safety in the sun this summer.
For instance, it is preferable to avoid exposing yourself
directly to the sun during times where the UV ray strength is at
its highest. In the United Kingdom, this is between 11AM and 3PM.
This may vary in different countries, but it is generally better to avoid
direct exposure to the sun in the early afternoon. During sunbathing,
it is also preferable to avoid direct exposure for long periods of time, and you should allow your skin to cool down in the shade every hour or two. You can also use stronger cream in the first few days to avoid sunburn until your skin is better adapted to the sun. Finally, if you are prone to sunburn, wear clothes to protect the most sensitive and exposed areas of your body, such as shoulders and the face.

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